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More Details  - Property Maintenance and Minor Works - RAMS

This risk assessment and method statement is for general property maintenance work.

If you have not found a RAMS package in this list that is specifically related to your business then this risk assessment and method statement for minor works may be suitable.

It applies to works that do not cause significant disturbance and do not extend over a significant period. It is ideal for property maintenance type activities whether on domestic properties or commercial properties.

This package includes the use of steps and ladders for light work of short duration but does not include other work at height. If you wish to include other work at height then you need the Property Maintenance and Minor Works (including Work at Height) RAMS package.

This package is not suitable for work in confined spaces, electrical work, working at height, working on gas appliances, welding, groundworks or work involving excavations. It is not suitable for work in schools. It is only suitable for hot works if you also use a hot work permit system.

The RAMS Package comes with full guidance and the following documents:

General Method Statement including a Risk Assessment for the task
Job-Specific Cover Sheet
Point of Work Risk Assessment
Safe System of Work for Loading and Unloading
HSE Guidance on the Safe Use of Steps and Ladders

If when you have downloaded the package you decide you would like us to do design a package more specific to your needs, we will be happy to provide a quote and if we go ahead we will refund what you have already paid. Just email the We Do It For You Team

£125 (Plus VAT)

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Creating and reinforcing
a positive outlook towards
health and safety is part of a successful, positive, can-do business culture

Managers and line managers
and all employees have
an important role to play
and should be consulted

Employees and Managers
are often the first to
know if there is a problem
and the ones most likely
to have a solution

Employees have duties
under the legislation
as well as employers

Employees must take
reasonable care of themselves
and others affected
by their acts or ommissions

The HSE will prosecute
individuals in the management
chain who have neglected their responsibilities or connived or consented to breaches.