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The Lone Worker risk assessment is designed for all small businesses whose employees occasionaly work alone.

It provides a format for assessing the hazard represented by lone workers so that you may then examine individual tasks or processes within your business that may present particular concerns for workers acting on their own.

The risk assessment comes with General Safety Guidelines for Lone Workers and free access to our Quick Guides which contain more downloadable information for free.

The risk assessment comes with the following downloadable documents:

General Risk Assessment - Lone Workers
Safety Guidelines for Lone Workers
General Workplace Safety Guidelines

Once downloaded you may use the form as many times as you wish within your own business.

£25 (Plus VAT)
Unlimited Use

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Did you know:

Creating and reinforcing
a positive outlook towards
health and safety is part of a successful, positive, can-do business culture

Managers and line managers
and all employees have
an important role to play
and should be consulted

Employees and Managers
are often the first to
know if there is a problem
and the ones most likely
to have a solution

Employees have duties
under the legislation
as well as employers

Employees must take
reasonable care of themselves
and others affected
by their acts or ommissions

The HSE will prosecute
individuals in the management
chain who have neglected their responsibilities or connived or consented to breaches.